The Runaway

While browsing neat bookstore piles
I saw three muses dance en pointe on paper covers.
Mine left me—
snuck out into magnolia-scented rain,
looking for better company.

Each night I promise to gather stories and snippets,
however small, and offer them
in a bouquet to loved ones far away.

But all the words leak out and puddle, unseen,
on the pavement. How much longer
will the muses sway, I wonder, just out of reach,
between gray matter and blank pages?

Anca Segall, a microbiologist on the faculty of SDSU, is a newcomer to creative writing. Her poem, Late-Life Love, was published in the December 2016 issue of The Coachella Review, and her piece of creative non-fiction, “The Deaf Icon,” appeared in the May 2017 issue of Open Thought Vortex.