I live in the 1950s.
My brother fights in a war against Korea
and I spend too much money on popcorn at the cinemas.
Department stores close early on Mondays
for families to watch I Love Lucy on their
black-and- white television sets.
My mother stays home while my father goes to work.
Neighbors stop by unannounced to borrow sugar.
I’m at my friend’s house; Lisa’s mom is talking
on the telephone about Mr. Newman.
“Did you hear he has a lady in the city?” she asks.
My father is Larry Newman.
When I tell my mother, she resumes cleaning.
She wipes away crumbs from the kitchen counter
as a single tear falls onto her lavender apron.

I live in the 1960s.
My brother marries his high-school sweetheart
and I catch the bouquet at the reception.
Kennedy was shot in a motorcade when my best friend
was fighting in a war against Vietnam.
The Beatles have invaded America.
My mother found a secretary job;
she tells me I don’t have to marry Tom
if I don’t love him.
Instead, I wait for Ken to return home.
My father moves out of the house;
I wish I could say I miss him.
I miss the way things once were.
I pick up my blue notebook and turn to a new page,
writing my thoughts for no one else to see.

Kasy Long is a 2017 creative writing graduate from Ohio Northern University. Her work has appeared in Oracle Fine Arts Review, Green Blotter Literary Magazine, The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, Glass Mountain, and more. In her free time, she watches I Love Lucy, reads Emily Dickinson’s poetry, and dreams about the beautiful Lake Chautauqua in western New York. She is an editor and writer at Haute Life Magazine in Terre Haute, Indiana.